Blog Shoutouts (or would that be Shoutsout?)

I follow quite a few gardening blogs out there, and often stumble across posts that interest me particularly. A few that have caught my interest lately:

Local blogger Derek over at Plantgasm put up a post earlier with links to some fantastic articles on reviving ancient species. 2000, 32000, and 298 million year old extinct plants being regenerated!

Garden Rant writes about a fascinating and under-promoted move on the part of federal regulators to plant only sustainable landscapes from now on! How awesome is that?!

My favorite gardening blog from abroad is Arigna Gardener in Ireland. She recently reblogged a blog that I’m now reblogging, about a small town in England that is going ENTIRELY self-sufficient in growing their food!

I’m sure there are so many more great links to share, but I’ll save some for another post. Enjoy the reading!

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