Tumblr Tuesday

I’ve amassed another slew of pix from my boZannical Tumblr blog, so it’s time for another Tumblr Tuesday. Enjoy!

Cassia alata (candle bush) in Cole Valley

Pretty juxtaposition of Leucadendron against a terra cotta colored wall in Cole Valley.

This steel rose lives on the roof of the Edsel planter at Flora Grubb Gardens. The other day I was thinking it needed some pistils and stamens, so I planted it with this epiphytic Rhipsalis ‘Limey’.

My Cotoneaster microphylla bonsai project from a few weeks ago.

A Japanese maple tableau in a garden I help maintain over by Sutro Forest.

The colorful stages of fern growth in the Sutro Forest garden.

Aloe dichotoma up the block from my house.

Cup of Gold vine entwined with Clockvine at Flora Grubb Gardens.

Hilarious little additions to a front garden on the Lower Haight side of Duboce Park.

A toy dinosaur front garden off Duboce Park.

Stunning! Rhododendron and Bird of Paradise on Crown Terrace at the top of the Pemberton Staircase.

Spotted this pot in Cole Valley. Perfect example of this succulent’s name: Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’ – that means ‘black head’ in Afrikaans, a language of South Africa where this plant originates.

I love this plant. Mahonia lomariifolia in the Sutro Forest garden.

Stunning! Big-ass planters of aloes at the City College campus in the Mission.

Detail of cherry bark on Liberty St.

Fun annual effort on a neighbor’s part, decorating their cherry tree with Easter eggs.

Found this fabulous wooden horse in a discard pile in Cole Valley (thanks, CG!!!) Lookin’ perfectly at home in my fern garden.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! See y’all next round…

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