Tumblr Tuesday

Hey, everybody. It’s almost a month since my last post, and it has been a challenge to get to writing. Tony had carpal tunnel surgery a few weeks ago, and we had his mom over for the better part of a week to help out. She was great. Then, we lost our beloved dog, Dakota. This was our second in two years, and it knocked us for a loop. Didn’t make me feel much like writing, I’ve gotta say. But I’m feeling the need to get back in.

I’ve still been taking lots of pics along the way and posting them to the boZannical Tumblr. Let’s get rolling with a Tumblr Tuesday.

We were given a sympathy bouquet for our dog, and I just love how the lilies melted like fondant icing onto the statice.

View from a friend’s community garden plot that I’m tending.

Severed street tree with healing rings from previous injuries…

Echeveria and Sedum in a friend’s garden.

Fun color contrast.

Out on Alcatraz for the Fourth of July, and took this shot from the Rose Garden.

Aeonium patch by the warden’s house on Alcatraz.

Our hydrangea is going insane! The Australian hydrangea – Dichroa febrifuga – is not far behind (literally, and in terms of blooming. 🙂 )

Some amazing Aeonium in our garden.

My earliest succulent patch at home, with Oscularia deltoides up front, Aeonium and Graptoveria centered, and backed by a Cymbidium orchid.

Another part of that first patch…

Whimsy on a street tree.

Colorful little wall on Belgrave Ave.

Cuteness at the foot of that Belgrave wall…

Check out the nearly four foot spread of the flowers on my Dudleya!

Love the color of these succulent flowers against the blue pot in my garden.

Castro and 19th house starting a vine wall.

A Michele Quan garland on exhibit at Flora Grubb Gardens.

Yucca blooming at the water treatment plant behind Flora Grubb Gardens.

Beauty in a little street tree square.

Another nice Belgrave Ave. street planting. This one with a fountain.

Doing more composition plantings for work at Flora’s. Little cannonball planter with Aeonium ‘Pinwheel’ and Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’.

Another composition at work that I planted. Love the monochrome of the tall lead colored square with Elymus magellanicus upright form with a matching Sedum stonecrop.

Thanks for popping by, y’all. I should be getting more back into the swing of writing, so stay tuned for more to come…

2 responses to “Tumblr Tuesday

  1. Hey Zann. I just wanted to say I’m sorry about Dakota. It’s sucks to lose a faithful companion. It just sucks. Hang in.

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