Tumblr Tuesday

So this here blog has a page style feature called “Gallery”, but I can’t figure out what’s different about it. Hmm. Looks the same to me, ya? Oh well, perhaps I’ll read more and find out what’s supposed to be different here. In the meantime, welcome to another edition of Tumblr Tuesday, a periodic gallery of images from my boZannical Tumblr.

A little seascape of succulents in our garden.

Echeveria and Sedum in our garden.

Colorful vignette in a friend’s garden.

Love the amber glass caps on the Newel posts in contrast with the Myer’s asparagus.

Cleaned up a Cordyline australis ‘Torbay Dazzler’ in our garden, and just loved the colors of the leaf “bouquet”.

New growth on a Cycad at Flora Grubb Gardens.

A composition I did at Flora Grubb Gardens. This has a Cordyline ‘Red Star’ with Hebe ‘James Stirling’ and Echeveria ‘Ramilete’.

I’m tending a friend’s community garden plot on Bernal Hill, and thought this collapsing Echium was quite fabulous.

Fantastic use of a tiny front garden.

I’ve been growing this baboon’s cucumber (Kedrostis africana) for a couple of years, and it finally bloomed! Glad I found something that can survive the harsh life in this cage – it was too difficult to keep it wet enough for Parrot’s Beak.

Closeup of the tiny yellow flowers on Kedrostis africana.

Our new neighbors across the street managed to find space to squeeze in a raised bed for veggies! Note to self: don’t ever thank new neighbors for taking the hideous brass rails off their house. Sometimes it turns out they only took them off to have them re-plated and put back on even shinier than before.

Little shop in the Lower Haight made their signs of living succulent panels!

Nice little planting in a Castro vestibule.

Another planting I did for Flora Grubb Gardens. Echeveria doodia as the focal point, with Sedum hispanicum atropurpurea and trailing Senecio ‘String of Bananas’

This composition I made at Flora Grubb Gardens has an Aloe brevifolia focus with Crassula ‘Green Pagoda’

Oh, my. Durability! Plastic succulents in a Castro window display.

Isn’t this just a lovely old gnarled olive?

Spotted this colorful beauty on Cumberland St.

Foggy view from the Bernal Hill community garden.

Naked Ladies on Bernal.

Lovely hint of a roof garden peaking over the edge of this house.

Marveling at the scarlet runners up on Bernal in the community garden.

A composition I did for a client’s deck. Actually did two of these in mirror of each other for each side of the deck. Tall centerpiece is Hesperaloe parvifolia. Rosettes are Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’ in the center, blue Echeveria secunda flanking, and Echeveria ‘Cassyz Winter’ adding a rosy tinge on the sides. Sedums add a textural contrast and will continue to grow and spill down the sides.

Thanks for popping by! See ya next time…






















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