Tumblr Tuesday

Yes, it’s Tuesday once again, and time for the latest edition of Tumblr Tuesday, where I feature a gallery of photos from my boZannical Tumblr

Nibbling the sweet and mild fruit off one of many Strawberry Tree (Arbutus ‘Marina’) street trees.

Came across this creative street tree garden of hanging purses…

Love this fall color combo I planted at Flora Grubb Gardens, and love it even more when they sell in a day or two! This one has Ricinus communis ‘New Zealand Purple’ (castor bean) as the focus, surrounded by Hebe and Carex with some succulents.


Freaky trunk base on a ficus.


Fun monochrome home on Douglass above 20th St steps.

Even the white sparkle-rock is tolerable in this setting. 🙂

New plant! I love the succulent mini-iceplants. This newbie is Drosanthemum micans.

Detail of fallen Monterey cypress on Kite Hill.

Whoa! Trippy crest forming in the middle of this Aeonium.

I don’t understand the pride flag bondage going on here. I’m sure there’s a logic behind it, but… 🙂

Clever!!! Great use of a phone pole stump, no? This is 21st/Castro.

Is it pretty? Alvarado St (or 22nd St?) formal front garden, just above Castro.

A composition I planted a few weeks ago at Flora Grubb Gardens has begun to bloom beautifully. This is one that will age with increasing beauty.

Simple, yet appealing. Love the floating island of red Leucadendron in this shot.

Just about my favorite Agave. This one’s known as ‘Blue Glow’.

Delightfully rich colors!

Playing with a fun phone app. (PhotoGrid on Android, if you’re curious.)

Thanks for the visit! See y’all again soon…


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