Tumblr Tuesday

Welcome to another Tuesday, and another edition of Tumblr Tuesday. Here are the past week’s uploads onto the boZannical Tumblr

Recently took a walk from the Castro up and over Twin Peaks and around the rim of Noe Valley. Came across this gorgeous vibrant planting up in Diamond Heights.

Around the corner from that same planting is this phenomenal use of color. Can you see that Aeonium nobile hiding in the center?

A yucca with a view in Diamond Heights.

I don’t know what’s happening here. 🙂

Aren’t those the cutest little pot-lifters?!

Now that‘s resilience.


Another stunner up in Diamond Heights.

Close-up of the flowers of the strawberry tree, Arbutus ‘Marina’.

Begonia luxurians in our garden. This thing grew a foot in a month! Can’t wait for it to fill in its spot behind my maple in the fern garden.








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