Tumblr Tuesday

I really am working on some lovely wordy and educational posts, but I’ve been getting distracted with some school and family things going on. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s another addition to Tumblr Tuesday where I post recent uploads from the boZannical Tumblr

Lovely nature-y shot on my way to the top of Twin Peaks.

When you can’t stand dog pee, apparently the way to solve the problem is to ensure the tree will die?


Many plants here survive our rainless summers on fog alone. This is actually a puddle of fog, so it’s no small matter!

So confused. I love that someone’s planting in an open street tree spot, but DAMN that’s an unnecessary lot of scaffolding. And what’s with the clothespins?

Another interesting moment on that Twin Peaks hike. Such a lonely little plant!

Cute little rock garden in an old fountain on Hartford.


Isn’t this AMAZING? Two feet across!


A vertical soil-free school garden is showing the challenges of no soil. 😦


Dilapidated old seating-area-barrier at a defunct restaurant. Kinda lovely, actually.

Enjoying the water droplets on smoke bush in this colorful grouping at Flora Grubb Gardens.


Ikebana classes have resumed! This assignment was Upright Moribana, Variation 2. I used Leucadendron with Ozothamnus (creosote bush).

Second arrangement study was Upright Nageire, Variation 2. This one is a different Leucadendron with CA native flannel bush (Fremontodendron).

Thanks for popping by! Stay tuned for posts on gas-powered gardening, suckers, and habitat!

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