Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Awesome! I was just nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Tamara over at My Botanical Garden!


I am honored! I was nominated for a different award a couple of months ago, and it’s really gratifying and humbling to know your writing is appreciated. Thanks, Tamara!

Besides posting the image and linking to the nominator, nominees are supposed to list 7 things about themselves and nominate 15 other blogs. I don’t imagine that a nomination leads to a million-dollar giant check and international fame and a solid gold statue at a red carpet event and my own TV show, but I am flattered just the same. 🙂

So, here’s my 7 things:

  1. The ramblings on my About page only subtly allude to the fact that I am perhaps a little OCD with taking pictures with my phone. So much so that I have 7 Tumblr pages (so far) to categorize my shots. (Sidebar on right, if’n you’re curious.)
  2. I love cheese. Whoever came up with the idea is on a pedestal in my mind. Love cheese. Cold, warm, soft, hard, melted, mild, smoked, stinky… Except brie. I don’t understand brie. It’s gross, and the world would be a better place without it.
  3. I love shock value.
  4. I follow over 80 blogs. Seriously! Google Reader is awesome. Easy way to categorize the blogs I follow (gardening, photography, prose, etc.), and makes it easy to scroll through all of them on the daily as I ride the bus to work.
  5. I procrastinate, and believe wholeheartedly that that is an important thing to do. A “what do you want to be when you grow up” class I took at CCSF taught me that. As long as you’re thinking about the end result, you’ll have a better outcome if you procrastinate than if you jump in right away before you’ve had a chance to ponder. I stand by that notion, and it’s made for an exceptional existence ever since I embodied it. Step back, take a breath, and then go. Tell everybody what you like to do, but more importantly be sure to understand what you don’t like to do. Your life will change in amazing ways. It did for me.
  6. For all my love of walking and exploring, if it weren’t for my dog I don’t know that I’d get out all that much besides gardening.
  7. I don’t understand the concept of paying for something that can be done for free, just out of convenience. Convenience makes us lazy.

Speaking of procrastinating, I have two major papers due for my final classes for the semester next week. And finals to study for. And here I am blogging. 🙂

Fifteen blogs that inspire me, and that I’d like to nominate for this award:

  1. The Jiggly Bits – Words can’t describe how much I love reading her blog. OMG. Language may make it NSFW, but never inappropriate pix. Her writing style is phenomenal and vivid. Tales From My Vagina Fridays rocks my world. I laugh out loud every single post.
  2. The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things – I got sucked in by images of taxidermy pigeon heads on doll bodies, and I was instantly a fan.
  3. Burrito Justice – Fascinating, fascinating historical posts about things in SF. Particularly the Mission and Bernal neighborhoods.
  4. Bay Vintage – A Tumblr I learned about via posts on Burrito Justice. I love old pix of places I recognize.
  5. Evan Thompson Photography – An adorable SF youngster (early 20’s) with a keen photographic eye and frequent drunken ramblings.
  6. OaKoAk – Photo assemblage of supremely creative found-on-the-street art and graffiti.
  7. Leaf and Twig – Botanical photos, nicely done.
  8. The Scottish Country Garden – Self-descriptive. An estate gardener, from what I gather. I love reading how people in other countries are gardening and experiencing/working with changes in climate.
  9. Arigna Gardener – An Irish garden blog I truly love and look forward to reading. Occasional musings on climate, walking in the woods, telling stories around a fire, and the like.
  10. The Gardening Canuck – A Canadian gardener with great stories and pix about gardening in the frozen north.
  11. Chris Condello – Gardening, poetry, general musings on the exuberance of living and surviving.
  12. The Gardens of Alcatraz – A place close to my own heart, where I got my own gardening start as a volunteer.
  13. Weekend Sherpa – A SoCal blog about great weekend outings. Much like my Urban Hikes, but in LA and vicinity.
  14. Flowering Rams – A blog started by Thomas Wang, teacher at CCSF in the hort department who taught several classes I’ve taken. He blogs (sporadically, mind you) on garden projects on campus. Yeah, my pretty face is in there. 🙂
  15. The Desert Edge – A garden blog set in the US Southwest. I love learning about plants outside my own zone.

They’re all worth a read, in my book. You should check ’em all out!

Thanks once again, Tamara…

2 responses to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

  1. Thanks so much! And congrats to you. It is well-deserved. I am an avid gardener. And to my credit, I no longer kill as much as I plant so I am mighty proud of that. I am also happy to have cybermet so many awesome people on my blogging journey. Thank you again. I also learned a new acronym “NSFW” – who knew? In my head, I am PG with an edge 😉 Anyway, being NSFW is so friggin’ awesome! I feel like a badass now 🙂 Have a great New Year and continued success. Cheers.

  2. You’re welcome, Teeny! I probably should have told you I’d nominated you, huh? 🙂 One of the “fringe benefits” of nomination is spending an hour putting together a similar post. Ugh. Didn’t wanna wish that on anyone. 😉

    Gardener, huh? Awesome! I love interacting with plants. My focus is starting to turn more towards ecology, habitat restoration, and sustainability than gardening, but it’s all related. Love bringing things home for my own garden, for sure! Would love to learn more about food gardening, too.

    I like the “PG with an edge” description. Glad NSFW makes you feel like a badass. 🙂 I’m impressed that you’ve been at this for such a short period. Inspired me to actually start my own NEW blog (because my already existing 8 weren’t enough). My new one is purely writing, relating personal anecdotes. Thanks for that inspiration, and Happy New Year to you!

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