Another Tumblr Tuesday Deviation

This whole idea of doing Tumblr Tuesday posts is proving inconsistent with me lately. Besides my love for alliteration, the concept was to have an easy opportunity for a “frilly” midweek post by pulling together the week’s pictures from my boZannical Tumblr photoblog, but it seems like pretty much every weekday morning has been consumed by homework this semester.

So, I’ve been building up a mass of pix on the Tumblr and need to just pull some shots together whenever I can get to it. Take today, for example. 🙂 Click a pic and scroll on through!

7 responses to “Another Tumblr Tuesday Deviation

  1. Dispite the difficulties the photos are beautiful, and amazing. Thank you.

  2. Amazing! Beautiful! Awesome! Do plants bloom in California like that all year around? Come on down to Texas and I’ll show you some mesquite trees that haven’t bloomed yet. The Cedar Elm and the Red Oaks have put out, but that’s about all. The Live Oaks are busily pushing off last year’s old gray-green leaves in order to put out new dark waxy-green spring leaves. The drought has just about done us in down here. To many years of dry weather and wildfire. Most cities are on Station Three water rationing. I called my cousin in Houston this morning and he was watering his lawn! Can you imagine watering anything in Houston? Good work, I loved it! So some more. Larry

    • Thanks SO much, Larry! It’s pretty amazing here with the blooming. We really do have something in bloom every week of the year. Especially here in San Francisco where the water keeps the temperatures moderated at 55-80 all year round. These pix are all from the past six to eight weeks or so!

      I’ve been reading about the drought down in TX for a while now. Just devastating, I imagine. Thinks are definitely “out of whack” here (we were above normal rainfall before the new year, but haven’t had anything measurable since then and are now below average), but they’re not calling it dire yet, by any means. Down there you’ve been dealing with it for a few years now, right? We’ll be in water rationing next year if there’s no change by Fall. We usually get some rain in April, then not again til October (historically, anyway.) We’ll see.

      Do you garden? You seem aware of the usual plant cycles in your area. What neck of the woods are you in? I have friends around Austin, and a few in Richardson area and down Corpus way. Never been there, though.

      Thanks again, and I’ll definitely keep it up!

  3. Missing my spring trip to SF this year so thanks for the photos and plant names. I am looking at a white and gray landscape
    now here in Maine.

    • Too bad to hear you won’t make it, Karen. 😦 Glad I could help brighten a white-and-gray day! I hear Maine is beautiful in the warm months. I’d love to go there sometime, myself. I’m glad for our mellow weather out here for sure, tho…

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