Back in Action with Tumblr Salad

Whew! Survived my last semester of school, and aced it! English 1A was my biggest challenge of the semester (SO much reading and writing to do!) but I did very well in the end. It was totally worth it, and I’m well on my way to finishing my four Associate’s degrees in horticulture, geology, geography, and anthropology.

I got some nice scholarships this year, and won third place in the Pitschel Prize essay that landed me publication in Pacific Horticulture last year when I won first place. One of my big excitements this year is that I finally received my certificates I’d worked so hard for!

Now truly certified! Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, and  Greenhouse Operations and Cut-Flower Production!

Now truly certified! Landscape Maintenance, Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, and Commercial Cut-Flower and Greenhouse Production!

We survived the Noe Valley Garden Tour on May 11. It was fun, but exhausting! I had 117 visitors (out of 280 tickets sold), which is a pretty good turnout, considering especially that I’m not even in Noe Valley, technically. A shop called David’s Tea even provided hot or iced tea at each of the gardens, which was a great way to have a little refreshment along the way. Had a few friends on the tour, as well as the horticulture department chair from my school and the retired editor of Pacific Horticulture. My Ikebana teacher couldn’t make it, but she made arrangements to come get a private tour recently, and brought me some fabulous Ikebana books. And, I managed to hand out some business cards and score a few consultation jobs. All-in-all, it was a fantastic experience all around!

Now that the semester is done, I can return to focusing on my blogs again. Sweet! So, here we go. Time to get it kick-started with a Tumblr Salad post, pulling together a gallery of interesting shots from the boZannical Tumbler. Lots of shots from our own garden this time, since it’s so primped from the recent Noe Valley Garden Tour:

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