WELCOME! (Have a Salad while you’re here.)

Welcome to!

After just over two years, and 127 posts, I’ve finally made the upgrade to my own URL, from I’m tres excited. 🙂 To celebrate (?) I’m kicking it off first thing with a Tumblr Salad, showcasing the most recent posts from the boZannical Tumblr

And just for some variety, a couple of GIFs I shot while down south on a work-related trip for Flora Grubb Gardens… Apparently I haven’t yet blogged about our hike on the Santa Rosa Plateau, which is where the grass GIF was shot. I’ll have to do that! The other is former coworker Camille doing a happy dance about the beauty of the Aeonium ‘Sunburst’. She just moved to India (her husband won a Fulbright Scholarship to study music there), and we all miss her dearly…

Grass blowing in the wind on the Santa Rosa Plateau.

Grass blowing in the wind on the Santa Rosa Plateau.

Camille's Happy Dance

Camille’s Happy Dance

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