Macro Salad

I was taking our critters, Spoon and Toast, out for a long walk, when a tiny colony of moss on a brick wall caught my gaze. I whipped out the ol’ “macro” close-up setting on my phone’s camera to zero in on the detail of it, and decided to do a whole series on the walk. The overall theme of botanically-oriented pix is not unlike my Tumblr Salad series, except that none of these actually came from posts on my boZannical Tumblr. Thus, “Macro Salad” is what I decided to call this post.

I love taking macro shots of plants. I haven’t focused on doing so in a while, because it’s such a challenge to hold still enough to get a clear shot with two dogs on leash. I persevered. And yelled a good bit. Macro shots are great because you can really tune in to the tiniest details of a plant. Even plants you look at every day come into a different depth of observation when you see them in this manner. It’s amazing just how fine these details are! I’m grateful that my phone has such a phenomenal camera to help me appreciate what I don’t notice with the naked eye!

These pix were all taken around the western rim of Eureka Valley, above the Castro. 20th St, Douglass, Seward, Romain, Grand View, Corbett, Caselli, Yukon, etc.

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