A Midwinter Tumblr Salad

It’s been two months since the last Tumblr Salad! It was a slow period at first, but I eventually picked up the pace and got some good shots going on the boZannical Tumblr.

With so much of the country enduring ice storms and extreme cold, we’ve been having springlike warm days out here in California, though we’re suffering a record-breaking drought. Despite the foreboding associated with the lack of water, we’ve definitely been appreciating the comfort level. Tons of plants blooming out of season have been making it a surreal winter.

In any case, enjoy the fluff. 🙂

2 responses to “A Midwinter Tumblr Salad

  1. It’s not fluffy at all! I love the depth of your pictures, and your views on gardening literally documented by photographs.

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