Tumblr Salad

Welcome to another episode in the Tumblr Salad series! Every now and then I get a bug up my bum to pull together a gallery of pix that I’ve posted on the boZannical Tumblr, and you, my blog-reading friends, get to revel in all things boZannical. 🙂

I had a revelation recently when putting together some posts for the Tumblr: queues! I had NO idea. It was so exciting to discover that I don’t have to publish immediately! I have a habit of taking as many as 100-150 photos on a long walk, but if I post even half of them I’ll totally overwhelm people (and myself!) It was such a huge thing to discover I can plug them into a queue and have them self-publish at a rate of my choosing. It really is just the most exciting thing for me. You have no idea. 🙂 Oh, along that line, I actually started another Tumblr blog while I was at it. I notice lots of interesting doors and gates and entryways on my walks, but I’ve “ignored them” photographically, since they don’t fit in with the themes of any of my myriad Tumblrs. So, I started Door to Door. If you’re into interesting doors and architecture, check it out!

Anyhoo, on with the Salad:

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