Services Offered

Zann Cannon Goff is principal of boZannical Gardens, offering professional garden and horticultural services in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. His designs and garden expertise focus on creating inviting spaces with an emphasis on environmentally sound gardening practices, prioritizing site-appropriate and water-wise plants. Zann’s strong background in urban ecology underscores a plant palette from the world’s Mediterranean climates, while maintaining a low carbon footprint. He skillfully applies his horticultural knowledge in combining elements ranging from California natives and locally endemic species, to succulents and grasses, to specimen Australian and South African plants. Zann is always exploring and researching ways to create exciting combinations of colors and textures, forms and styles, and relishes opportunities to use interesting and unusual plants.

Zann is available for residential and commercial consultations, gardening services and advice, coaching (teaching you the keys to success in your own garden), and is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker for garden clubs, tours, and events.

Use the form or email on Zann’s Contact page to inquire about availability and rates for:

  • Design
  • Installation (My Designs or Others’)
  • Maintenance
  • Horticultural Consultations (Diagnostics or Advice)
  • Aesthetic Pruning
  • Garden Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements


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