October Bloom Day

Happy October Bloom Day! Here are some shots of blossoms and blooms around our garden today… Enjoy!

Morning Glory – Convolvulus mauritanicus

Fuchsia boliviana

All up in that Fuchsia boliviana

Passion Flower – Passiflora caerulea ‘Alba’

Princess Flower – Tibouchina urvilleana. I love the sickle-shaped stamens! Like beckoning fingers…

Cotyledon orbiculata var. Englerii

5 responses to “October Bloom Day

  1. Awe man, you have the Fushsia that I love…the boliviana. We have one growing in the back…ours is the red form, but still just as cool. Happy GBBD! Matti

  2. Matti’s never going to let me forget that I brought the “wrong” fuchsia home. Blooms look great!

  3. lovely little morning glory ground cover… i love how well those guys grow.

    • One plant of these was among my first put into the ground here, brought along from the window box at my previous studio apartment. Certainly one of the longest-had plants here. Eventually, I added eight more to completely cover the crown of the entire wall. So happy with it! And they bloom continuously for nine or ten months here.

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