Shameless plug…

Heya, everybody! I’ve been distracted by a new project over the past couple of days – one that is not related to gardening… I’ve started a photography blog!

I work in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, and always snap lots of shots of things that catch my interest around here (discarded toys and prostitute clothing, discarded food, broken furniture, etc.) Lots of good fodder for interesting imagery. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my pix (I’ve been posting them to my facebook profile for a couple of years) that it seemed time to put them into a different format. Along comes the blog!

If you’re interested in following my photo posts, pop over to my other blog: Over the Tracks. I probably won’t cross-reference the blogs too often, since they’re two very different concepts, but thought I should put in at least ONE shameless plug, right? 🙂

Thanks for following!

boZannical Zann

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