Random Plant Pix from Around Town

I take lots of pics with my phone as I wander around town. Seriously. 🙂 That’s led to me creating a few other blogs, but I post lots of plant pix to my social networking pages and just hold onto others for future posting or whatever.

Here, I’m simply assembling a bunch of those previous pictures into a pretty-pretty with no particular theme. Enjoy!

Gorgeous juxtaposition of this Phormium (flax) against the blue wall.

Cute little gopher spurge popping out of a crack on a wall.

Footsteps of Spring (Sanicula). I think this was on Tank Hill. Might be Kite Hill, but by the logs I'll go with the former.

Leucadendrons looking lush in the drizzle in Cole Valley.

Colorful Cole Valley window box.

This Yucca rostrata will NOT get stolen again!

Well, that's one way to bring some color to your garden!

Morning dew settled into some Nasturtium (Tropaeolum) leaves.

LOVE the way this Hollywood juniper and this echium have melded and been pruned to over-arch this sidewalk!

Canary Island palm full of epiphytic plants (including gunnera!?!?!?)

Can't stand how beautiful these colors are together. Echeveria imbricata, leaves of Ginkgo biloba.

Cute little survivor in a sidewalk crack! Nice camouflage.

New growth on a Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta).

Stunning agave, crassula, and ivy patch on Noe and Cumberland.

Tribbles! Don't know why, but I actually kinda like this. 🙂 Get that damn flax outta the back, though, and too bad about the dog damage up front...

Flower of the tulip tree - Liriodendron tulipifera - on Phelps.

One response to “Random Plant Pix from Around Town

  1. HEEEY!!!! the colorful window box at colley valley with the oxalis!! thats was one of my gardens!!!!!! :’ ) I can see the begonia, flax and the DELICIOUS Meyer lemon!!!! thats awesome!!!!

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