Some Upcoming Garden Events for March

Steppe Sisters – March 19

The California Horticultural Society (Cal Hort) presents Panayoti Kelaidis of the Denver Botanical Garden. Panayoti will give a presentation on plants of the steppe habitats of the world.

Free lecture from 7:00-9:00 pm, CCSF Ocean Campus (50 Phelan Ave), Multi Use Building, Room 140. There is also an optional earlier tour of the campus and reservation-only $32 dinner. 415.239.3140 or 239.3580 for info.

Flat-out plagiarism from the Cal Hort website: “Steppe climates occur to the east of all the major Mediterranean climates on earth, sharing great similarities of flora and fauna despite their far more extreme weather patterns and cold. Panayoti will be doing a quick tour of the four principal Steppe regions on earth: the Mediterranean and its steppe-sister, the Irano-Turanian floristic region; South Africa’s Fynbos and neighboring Karoo; the Patagonian steppe across the Andes from the Chilean littoral, and California itself, nestled against the Great Basin, Colorado Plateau and interior steppe of Western America..

“The Steppe sisters encompass collectively an enormous percentage of the world’s plant species, and a great deal of the lore and history that have sustained humans in their evolution.”

SF Bromeliad Society Meeting – March 15

The SF Bromeliad Society meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7pm. Meetings are held in the San Francisco County Fair Building, located at 9th Avenue and Lincoln in Golden Gate Park.

SF Succulent & Cactus Society meeting – March 20

The SF Succulent & Cactus Society meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM.  Meetings are held in the San Francisco County Fair Building, located at 9th Avenue and Lincoln in Golden Gate Park. First-timers get a freebie plant!

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show – March 21-25

The annual show is awesome, and very well publicized. Rather than ramble on, I’ll just let them do the talking.

Alcatraz Gardens Tours/Volunteering – Ongoing

My favorite sideline! I post regularly about my own gardening sessions out there, sporadic as they may be, and encourage everyone to go!

The Gardens of Alcatraz are always visible to visitors, but for special tours you gotta catch the first boat on a Friday or a Sunday. You can also volunteer out there just like I do! Great day, free rides (hard to get there on your own), great setting, fun fun fun time. All levels of gardeners. Be sure to pre-register on their website (link at top of paragraph). Volunteer gardening happens on Wednesdays and/or Fridays, 8:30 am till 12:30-ish.

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