May Bloom Day 2012

Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, y’all! It’s been a lovely start to May for us out here in California. Even in our own mostly-shady garden there is plenty a-bloomin’ with the recent warm weather.

Pretty sure this one is Crassula rosularis. Nice little clover-like flowers, ya?

Mmm. Can’t remember the name of this one.

Echeveria pulidonis blooming its tiny little heart out.

Parrot’s Beak – Lotus maculatus ‘Amazon Sunset’

Another Echeveria pulidonis bloom.

Grass-like Dianella tasmanica in bloom.

Still love the ongoing blooms with Rice Flower – Pimelea ferruginea.

Hydrangea, variety that I can’t remember right now. Just got it last month…

One little Clivia flower still hanging on.

Australian hydrangea – Dichroa febrifuga – will be blooming by this time next month…

“Flowering maple” – Abutilon hybrid

Check out the flowers on this Dudleya!

Cute! Not 100%, but I think this might be Echeveria amoena.

We’ve got blooms coming in on a Meyer lemon and a calamondin (kumquat/tangerine hybrid).

Crazy wacky twisty flower stalks on Pachyphytum opalina.

Dang purdy passion flower! Passiflora caerulaea ‘Alba’.

These three vertical Haworthia flowers are like tiny white peanuts.

Rounding out the day with Echeveria imbricata leaping into bloom. Perfect sun spot to highlight the spike!

Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for coming up with Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

2 responses to “May Bloom Day 2012

  1. i love those “parrots beak” plants… they cascade so nicely over pots.

    • Aren’t they great? Tried some in a hanging birdcage once. They were stunning like that, but required more water than I could remember to keep up with, hanging in the sun and swinging in the wind like that.

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