boZannical Press: Pacific Horticulture Article

Well, at long last it came!

Contributor’s copy… I’m in there! Yaay!

As I wrote about last May, an essay I wrote about my experiences in the Gardens of Alcatraz landed a place in the Fall issue of Pacific Horticulture magazine. A few months and a couple edits later, it’s finally arrived! A few friends had received copies earlier so I was anxiously awaiting my own copy, and yesterday was the day.

It was a real treat meeting Lorene Edwards Forkner, the editor of Pac Hort, a couple of months ago. I got to take her on a personalized tour of the Rock (I wrote about that day, too) and show her what attracts me to gardening out there. Thanks for the company, Lorene! It’s been exciting to see the recent physical changes she’s brought to the magazine and to be a part of it all.

My handball/archaeology moment that helped make mine the winning essay.

Anyhoo, the magazine is also available to read free online, too! Here’s a direct link to my own article. I’ll be making many future submissions to the magazine, and hope to be a regular contributor. Working on something for the Spring issue at the moment, in fact… It’s a little one-storied right now, but I’ve got my own Contributor Bio page on their site, too. Can’t wait to build that thing up! 🙂

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