Urban Hike? Well, sorta.

By now, y’all are familiar with my Urban Hike series. Yesterday I did an Urban Hike, of sorts, but didn’t really approach the outing as such when I set out. I just happened to take a lot of pix I want to share. 🙂

Yesterday was a rainy day, and that precluded me being able to do the gardening gig I’d planned on. (Not a good idea to trample wet soil. It compacts it and damages roots on existing plants.) I took our dog Spoon out on a couple of long, slow walks instead. I revisited a couple of areas I’ve posted about before – Dolores Heights and Kite Hill. Frankly, I walk these two areas frequently, given that they flank both sides of the street where I live. This time, though, I came across some inspiring scenes that have to be shared.

As usual, click los fotitos for larger photos…

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