Stray Angelas

Wouldn’t that make an awesome band name? Since I don’t have a band, or aspirations to start one, and since I just have to use the name for something, I decided to coin the term as a blog category called Stray Angelas. First I thought about creating a Tumblr for it. As if I need another damn Tumblr. Instead, I think a category here will do the trick. 🙂

A Stray Angela

Stray Angela

Here’s the backstory: This morning I was putting some things away in the garden, and when I turned around I was faced with this head shot of Angela Lansbury peeking out from under some ferns. By the time I was done furrowing my brow and being perplexed, I realized just how amusing it was. I thought it would be hilarious to print out a smaller version of the photo and laminate it. Then, I could carry it with me and stick it in various plants when I’m taking photos for the boZannical Tumblr, but that would mean I would have to carry it with me all the time. I mean, not that that’s a problem. Who wouldn’t want an Angela Lansbury photo on their person at any given moment, after all? Rather than go through all that, though, I’ll just let a blog category suffice to fulfill my Angela needs. The more I thought about it (yes, this has been going through my brain for hours now), I realized there are enough delightfully random things out there, “Stray Angelas” if you will, that are worthy of documenting.

Stray Angelas can be good or bad, but the common thread is that they’re unexpected. Ever come across something so totally random in a garden that it stops you in your tracks? That’s a Stray Angela. A barren concrete wasteland with a solitary potted plant? That’s a Stray Angela. A gorgeous garden with a completely bizarre plant that doesn’t fit? That’s a Stray Angela. A “what were they thinking” situation? That’s a Stray Angela. A “now, how did that get there” situation? Yep, that’s a Stray Angela.

Without further ado, here are some Stray Angelas shots that I’ve collected…

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