Portola Garden District Tour 2013

Portola Garden Tour Logo

The Portola Garden District Tour for 2013 has been set! It’s scheduled for later this month – Saturday, September 28th, 10am-3pm. Tickets are $25 each/$40 for two. Visit their official website, and Like their Facebook page. You can purchase tickets through their site or in various stores, including where I work, at Flora Grubb Gardens.

Proceeds from the tour provide substantial scholarships to students in the Environmental Horticulture and Floristry Department at City College of San Francisco, and they’ve proudly been able to increase their offerings each year. I myself won their scholarship a couple of years ago, and have enjoyed going on this tour on more than one occasion.

The neighborhood is historically the gardening district of the City, and once housed the greenhouses and growing ranges that provided both food and flowers to the residents. What I love most about this tour is the wide variety you get to see in home gardens. There are fabulous homeowner efforts, some designer gardens, public gardens, and a great exhibition of both “designy” and utilitarian projects. A lot to see and a lot to learn! It’s a huge tour over a large district, and can be a challenge to see all of them on the map, but you’ll see they’re mostly grouped in clusters around the neighborhood, and you can plan your day well to hit most of them.

I did a post after going on the tour last year, and have a gallery of images from my day. Check it out, and go out and enjoy the tour!

2 responses to “Portola Garden District Tour 2013

  1. Thank you for sharing the details. I come and go from the city so I will have to plan around this event…I really enjoyed your gallery of images.

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