boZannical Press: Sunset Magazine Quotation

Recently a fellow blogging friend, Rob at the Pitcher Plant Project, posted about his love of September. Besides it being his favorite month, and his birthday month, he had a spread about his carnivorous plants in the new issue of Sunset magazine.

Well, guess what, folks? Same’s true for me! Not only is October my own favorite month, and my birthday month (today, in fact), but I was quoted in the same issue! Sweet!

A quote by yours truly!

A quote by yours truly!

In my work as a buyer at Flora Grubb Gardens, I got to help bring in the plants for Sunset’s “Freaky Flora” spread for the October issue. My friend Johanna at the magazine was asking me questions as to what I like about the plants, and she quoted me in print. Quite an unexpected surprise. Happy birthday to me! 🙂

Here’s the whole spread, as a full-size PDF:

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