Speaking Engagement: Garden Tour and Conservation Event

On Saturday, September 20th I’ll be giving tours of the gardens at the SE Wastewater Treatment Plant (the sewer plant, in other words). Should be a fun day! These are the gardens I wrote about previously as the NoHo Garden.


The gardens around the plant are all water-wise, and the plants have been selected to replace the previous expanses of lawns, roses, and cherry trees that had originally been planted around the place. Flora Grubb designed the initial replanting, and since then the ongoing project design has been done by Patrick Lannan at the nursery, who’s designed many gardens I’ve installed myself. In my work as buyer at the nursery, I’ve personally gotten to have a hand in selecting and sourcing most of the plants in the garden. A very personally rewarding project!

In addition the my tours (there will be three separated runs during the event), there will be lots of family-friendly activities such as raffles, kids’ workshops, hardhat tours of the plant itself and its water recycling program, used grease recycling drop off, booths with info and swag, and on and on. All of this is being hosted by the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Check out the event page at for more info and a map to the event’s location at 750 Phelps St (at Jerrold, right behind Flora Grubb Gardens).

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