My Interview on Love Letters Live

Well, it’s live at last!

A few weeks ago, the parklet garden I designed and planted for Cheese Plus Market on Polk Street was “discovered” by a local writer for the Examiner newspaper, Janet Gallin. She did a lovely and compliment-filled article about it for her column called Love Letters.

The finished planting design...

The finished planting design…

After the owner of Cheese Plus responded to her with details and appreciation for those of us who designed and built and/or planted it, Janet followed up with another article naming us and giving us credit. That led to some great communication between Ms Gallin and myself, and a couple of weeks ago she interviewed me for her collection of interviews with local artists and designers and people she finds inspirational, called Love Letters Live. It was an honor to meet her and be interviewed!

Today, her article about me is now live, along with our half-hour podcast interview. We talked less about the specifics of garden design, and more about personal histories and how they got me to where I am today. It was a lot of fun, and I love being able to share it. Sharing stories is what my world is all about, so check it out!

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