Speaking Engagement: Urban Agriculture

I’ve been busy with all sorts of installations and maintenance lately, and am behind on getting the photos posted. I’m thrilled to be asked to do another upcoming speaking engagement, though!


A friend and former classmate who’s involved with the San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance has asked me to give a short and informal talk during next week’s quarterly meeting. The meeting’s theme is “Container Your Enthusiasm” and my input for the evening will center around planting media, watering, and container-appropriate plants. Others will be speaking on creative container ideas and container irrigation practices. Should be an interesting informational evening for all. I look forward to learning some more myself!

The meeting is this coming Tuesday, August 11, from 6-8pm. It’s being held in the Please Touch Community Garden at 165 Grove Street in the SF Civic Center.



I’ve walked past this space many times and pressed my face up to the bars to admire the garden and art installations in this ultra-urban space next to City Hall. It’s a vacant lot squeezed in between two brick buildings, serving as a community garden and art space dedicated to providing a safe and diverse interaction with the urban environment.

This is a great opportunity to come experience the space, or even join the SFUAA to learn more about grassroots food production gardening within San Francisco. Please come join us if you’re in the area!


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