What’s goin’ on…

The sun is back in swing here after a sort of freak summer storm earlier in the week. I have lots more Urban Hike themed posts I’m working on, but need to get pictures to go with.

I’m working on a garden design for a house in the Castro that has a shady back yard. Given that I have the same setup, it’s really exciting to be able to recommend plants I can be even more personally excited about. Really having a good time on this project. Of course, I’ll be doing some before/after shots.

Succulents thriving in June

Euphorbia, Echeveria, and Aeonium all thriving in the Summer

Well, I’ve been wanting to geek out on a special personal project for quite some time, and finally have impetus to do so via this blog! It’s totally a plant-nerd maneuver, but I am actually cataloging all the plants in our garden. Yep, really. 🙂 I know, I know. But I’m having fun doing it, and think it will be a really useful tool to people wanting to see any of these particular plants in action. What I’m doing is creating an alphabetical list of all the plants we’ve got out there, by botanical name but with common names. Each is a link to a sub-page, by category: trees, succulents, ferns, etc. There you can click each for a plant profile page, which will have some botanical stats on the page, but will also be a place where I can post and update photos of the plant over time and write about it’s success or challenges. A garden journal.

I’m really excited to have started this project, and to already have posted the beginnings of it! This will, of course, be a project over time. I have to re-ID some of these critters, and remember names, and do it all in rounds and bouts. My kinda project. I hope it proves helpful, or at least enjoyable! Check out the boZannical Plant Collection page, and the first sub-page, Trees. Individual plant pages are following, and the inventory is expanding! I hope you all like it.

3 responses to “What’s goin’ on…

  1. this looks like an exciting project since you can add so much of your own experience with shady areas. The plant catalogue is a brilliant idea – for your reference as well as for others but a mammoth undertaking no doubt!

    p.s. look forward to welcoming you to Blotanical but first you need to add a feedburner link.

  2. Rad. Love Aeoniums for the shady side here in SF. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Matti. Btw, great idea for the on going your plant list.

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