September Bloom Day

Happy Bloom Day, everyone! I’m catching up to this whole blogging thing, and evidently each month garden bloggers use the 15th to post sumpin’ bloomerific!

From our own garden…

from our garden

Echeveria shavianna’s pink inflorescences, and the yellow of Echeveria pulidonis…

from our garden

Yaay! First bloom on a caudiciform geranium called Pelargonium caffrum.

from our garden

Cotyledon orbiculata var. Engleri blooming for a second year.

from our garden

Chilean Glory Vine (Eccremocarpus scaber) winding through a daisy.

And from this morning’s trek to the park….

out and about

This prolific bloomer should continue for a couple more months! Calandrinia spectabilis (aka Cistanthe grandiflora).

out and about

Glorious color at Dolores Park. Cuphea ignea (I’m pretty sure) in front of a purple Salvia leucantha.

out and about

More Dolores Park color: Grass blooms in front of Tibouchina and Leonotis leonurus.

One response to “September Bloom Day

  1. Hi Zann – Nice shots! I believe that Cuphea is micropetala. So incongruous with its showiness. -Jason

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