Tumblr Tuesday

It’s Tumblr Tuesday time! I don’t hit this feed every week, I’m sure you’ve noticed, since my posting on boZannical Tumblr can be a bit sporadic. But I’ve got enough fodder for today, so here we go! 🙂

Wow. Just wow. Spotted this beaut in a little front yard above 20th St in the Castro. Nice concept.

Echium simplex on the steps of 20th St at Sanchez.

More Echium simplex. Got a little obsessed with this species once I noticed it. These are on the Cumberland St steps at Noe.

These are the fabulous leaves of Echium simplex. Silky, velvety, leathery, and waxy all at the same time.

A broken piece of Aeonium that landed on a roof. The stress makes it think it’s about to kick the bucket, so it blooms its little heart out!

Beautiful color positioning in a streetside garden on Sanchez near the 20th St steps.

Potting up some compositions for sale at work at Flora Grubb Gardens.

Norfolk Island pine towering above a house on 20th St. Huge tree for a tiny tiny tiny yard on top of a high retaining wall. Whatta marvel!

Despite the vandalism aspect, this Trachycarpus fortunei is quite the survivor. Leafing and blooming!


More purdy.

Napping in Duboce Park under a Liriodendron tulipifera.

Opium poppies on Castro!

Not a welcoming entrance, I must say. Nothing says “welcome” like a toilet-planted Agave in front of your door.

Pretty color for a rose!

Happily blooming Aloe.

Echium pininana forest at Kite Hill Park. Little peek of Sutro Tower in the center.

Thanks for stopping by for a look!

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