Tumblr Tuesday

Tumblr Tuesday is upon us again. 🙂 I’ve gotta get finished up on some of the other posts I’ve gotten started on, but in the meantime, here are the week’s pix from the boZannical Tumblr

Spent a little time up in Guerneville, on the Russian River, this past weekend. Thought these weeds were pretty, juxtaposed against this wall in an empty lot.

Stunning Agave attenuata in a front garden atop the steps on 20th St at Sanchez.

Another angle of the same front garden on 20th St. Well done!

On my way to Guerneville I had a stop in Santa Rosa. This gorgeous Grevillea robusta was an unexpected treasure to find!

A closeup of the blooms and seeds on said Grevillea robusta.

Another unexpected discovery was this Kool Aid Bush, Psoralea pinnata, at the Seward St. slides. Fantastically strong grape candy scent.

Just thought this was a cute little vignette on a wall on 20th St.

Another Guerneville moment. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and greens being grown in a demolished building’s foundation behind an Italian restaurant on Main St.

Morning walk along a pathway into the woods, up in Guerneville.

Thanks for popping by for another visit. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on Crimes Against Horticulture, Street Tree Pruning edition!

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