A Little Bit of Barbra – A video interlude…

One of those moments from my past that seems relevant to my current life in gardening is that my favorite Barbra Streisand song is “Hurry It’s Lovely Up Here,” from the the movie On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever). Dually pertinent to me; not only is it about plants growing, it’s from a movie about telepathy (which my hippie mom was all over, being the 70’s and all…) The movie also is from the year of my birth, and was directed by Liza’s dad.

Anyhoo, I love this movie. I’m not a big ol’ Barbra queen by any means. In fact, this is the one song, from the one movie, of hers that I actually listen to with any regularity. I have it on my portable music player. It moves me. I wish I could be her in this moment. 🙂

(Hopefully no copyright infringement issues here. Copied off the YouTube page I stold the video from.


Hey buds below, UP is where to grow!
An up with which below can’t compare with.
Hurry….mmmmmm… it’s lovely up here…
Life down a hole takes an awful toll,
What with not a soul there to share with… Hurry – it’s lovely up here!
Wake up, be-stir yourself. It’s time that you disinter yourself.
You’ve got a spot to fill – a pot to fill…
And what a gift package of showers, sun and love.
You’ll be met above everywhere with:
Fondled and sniffed by millions who drift by!
Life here is rosy – if you’re a posy… Hurry it’s lovely here!
Climb up, geranium! It can’t be fun subterranium.
On the exterior it’s cheerier. RSVP peonies, pollinate the breeze,
Make the queen of bees hot as brandy!
Come give at least a preview of Easter!
Come up and see the good we’re giving,
Come up and see the grounds for living!
Come poke your head out! Open up and spread out!
Hurry it’s lovely here!

Hope you enjoyed the song! 🙂 The movie is worth checking out, if you haven’t already. Of course, the costuming is great in her flashbacks. Love, especially, one song where her nightgown and nightcap are the same exact floral pattern as her sheets, pillows, duvet, lampshade, tablecloth on the nightstand, wallpaper, drapes, jabots and swags… So perfect in the detail!

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