Garden Event: Terrarium-Building Workshop at SCRAP!

SCRAP is hosting a terrarium-building workshop next weekend!

A Succulent Sisters terrarium, like you might be inspired to make at SCRAP’s workshop on Saturday…

So, what’s this workshop? SCRAP hosts lots of workshops, all using salvaged and recycled materials. This particular one is being led by Elana and Annakai, a duo who call themselves the Succulent Sisters. They are a local pair who make their terrariums for sale at flea markets and craft fairs, and custom orders for friends and for sale. We donated a bunch of plants and stuff for this event from Flora Grubb Gardens, and I hope some people get out and enjoy the event!

The workshop is Saturday, July 28, 1-4pm. There’s a $25 registration fee to help cover the cost of materials. Register in advance at SCRAP’s event page!

A variety of terrariums by the Succulent Sisters, made from recycling various vessels from SCRAP…

SCRAP is a hidden gem in SF’s Bayview district. It stands for Scavengers’ Center for Reusable Art Parts, and it holds unimaginable treasures for the happy box-diggers among us. They sell donated and surplus items at amazingly cheap prices, specifically to benefit artists and teachers. Anything from fabric scraps and yarn by the box to unopened flats of dram-sized glass bottles missing their corks can be found here, and selection varies by the day. You can easily walk out of there with a backpack full of goodies for $5. Worth repeat visits!

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