Tumblr Tuesday (on a Thursday?!?)

Hmm. Curious. Somehow I managed to put together a Tumblr Tuesday post this week and stop one click short of publishing it. What the heck? I blame the homework I’ve been muddling through lately. Yeah, that’s it. Oh, well. It gave me a couple more days’ pix from the boZannical Tumblr to tack on, right? 🙂

I love ruins. This brick floor buried in the hillside along States St used to be part of a brick factory that quarried away at Corona Heights back in the day. The Opuntia has made itself at home here.

Ikebana class: Slanting Nageire, Variation #2. Asparagus retrofractus with some hot pink carnations.

This has gotta be my favorite arrangement so far! Slanting Moribana, Variation #2. Calothamnus villosus (Silky Net Bush) with Achillea ‘Fire Land’.

Sunny outlook on a house on the corner of Castro and 19th.

Isn’t she gorgeous? Pink Brugmansia on 20th St, below Sanchez.

One of my Flora Grubb Gardens compositions. Shoulda waited a coupla days to take the pic, since the Euphorbia was a little stressed from the de-rooting it needed to get all up in there.

Gorgeously rich color! Grand View around 21st, I do believe.

Another of my Flora Grubb Gardens comps. Little cutie!

Opportunistic Campanula! Growing from the tiniest little weep hole in this retaining wall.

Moving along in Ikebana land, this is a Special Occasion arrangement. For a Japanese bamboo festival theme, I used Sinobambusa tootsik albostriata with Japanese anemone. Interesting cultural note: white anemone is preferred, as pink is considered “low class”!

On to Upright Moribana, Variation #3 (the central flower is actually extending directly towards you here, though with the perspective you can’t tell it’s nearly a foot long.) Pittosporum ‘Marjorie Channon’ with lisianthus flowers.

Oh! I love those unexpected moments. Walked out to my garden the other day and my Orangeola Japanese maple was going to town with Fall color!

I can never remember the name of this critter. The gorgeous passion vine growing on the front fence at Flora Grubb Gardens.

Unusual shape balancing with completely different plants! Topiary spheres of various shrubs on one side, spherical Aloe saponaria on the other. Mmm.

Beautiful front garden on Collingwood around 21st. Manzanita, “no-mow” fescue (or is that Carex pansa?), Aloe nobilis…

Same house. More Manzanita, and cascading Ceanothus.

Detail of the Manzanita’s bark…

Nice Euphorbia vignette a few houses downhill from the Manzanita house.

Fun composition I did at Flora Grubb Gardens. The tall thang is Kalanchoe orgyalis (Copper Spoons), there’s Echeveria ramillete, Sedum ‘Coppertone’, and Grevillea ‘Jade Mound’ spilling over.

Some pretty Fall color up the street from my house.

Next Ikebana lesson was Upright Nageire, Variation #3. This is a white Grevillea with Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’

Slanting Moribana, Variation #3. Arbutus ‘Marina’ branches, and the flower is Argyranthemum frutescens ‘Madeira Crested’.

Thanks for popping by! I’ll be going on the Portola Garden District’s annual garden tour this Saturday, and I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun stuff to share from that event! The event is a fundraiser for scholarships in horticulture at CCSF, of which I was one of the two recipients last semester. I’ll be touring with the other recipient, my friend Noriko. Looking forward to it!

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